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UM Spatial Analysis Lab

  • Classification and Mapping of Sage Steppe on the CMR Wildlife Refuge
    Partner(s): USGS, Northern Climate Science Center
    Objective: Use object-oriented classification approaches to develop multiscaled maps of sage steppe rangelands
  • Ecosystem Sustainability
    Partner(s): USFS
    Objective: Work with Region 1 of the U.S. Forest Service to develop a GIS-based decision-support tool to help inform resource management decisions in individual forests and across the region.
  • Remote Sensing of Whitebark Pine and Spruce-Fir Forests
    Partner(s): NASA, MSU, USGS, USFS
    Objective: Investigate the feasibility of using satellite remote sensing and aerial imagery to map whitebark pine regeneration and seed trees, and to identify multistory spruce-fir habitat suitable for lynx.
  • State Land Cover Mapping
    Partner(s): MT Dept. of Administration, MT-FWP
    Objective: Using new USGS ReGAP maps as a starting point, produce a seamless, scaleable, statewide land cover base map. The map will be accompanied by interpretive materials and guides to support use of existing classifications and to allow crosswalking between multiple classification schemes. As part of this project, we are establishing standards, protocols and methods for accuracy assessment, correction, refinement, and updating. Our goal is to provide, by 2010, user-friendly interfaces for data exploration and simple options for data downloading, uploading and archiving.