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Interdisciplinary and Data Services

  • Custom Map Service for Montana Dept. of Transportation
    Partner(s): MDT
    Objective: Provide a secure map service and training that enables MDT biologists to download real-time data from MTNHP databases directly into Desktop ArcGIS projects to increase accuracy and efficiency of environmental review and planning activities.
  • Information Services for Bonneville Power Association
    Partner(s): BPA
    Objective: Provide periodic exports of MTNHP data for use by BPA in its resource management and decision-making activities.
  • Information Services for US Bureau of Land Management
    Partner(s): BLM
    Objective: Assist BLM in effectively managing biological resources on the lands that it manages by developing and managing data and information on BLM Sensitive and Special Status Species, the habitats that support them, and ecosystems that contribute important habitat values.
  • Information Services for US Forest Service
    Partner(s): USFS
    Objective: Provide internet access and training to USFS wildlife biologists, botanists, ecologists and others in utilizing the MTNHP databases to meet requirements for national forest planning and management.
  • Proposal Review and Database Support, Noxious Weed Trust Fund
    Partner(s): MT Dept. of Agriculture
    Objective: Provide information on the status and locations of sensitive, threatened, and endangered species to individuals and organizations preparing weed management plans and grant applications. The Heritage Program is referenced as an information source in the current Noxious Weed Trust Fund grant guidelines, and grant applicants are required to include info from MTNHP in their grant application package.