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  • Integrating Plants into the Revision of Montana's State Wildlife Action Plan
    Partner(s): Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, NatureServe
    Objective: Work with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to add and integrate plants of grestest conservation need into the revision of the State's Wildlife Action Plan (Comprehensive Fish and Wildlife Conservation Strategy).
  • Monitoring Population Trends for Shoshonea Pulvinata, A Regional Endemic Plant Species
    Partner(s): BLM
    Objective: Conduct 3 years of data for Shoshonea pulvinata at 3 long-term monitoring sites in the Pryor and Beartooth Mtns.
  • Surveys and Monitoring for Water Howellia, Spalding's Catchfly and Ute Ladies' Tresses
    Partner(s): USFWS
    Objective: Conduct new surveys for Federally-listed plants and monitor populations of these plants to gain more accurate status and distribution information to support effective management and recovery activities.