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BIOTICS Database Description

Information at the Montana Natural Heritage Program is managed in the BIOTICS Data System, which is an Oracle database with over 400 database tables and related files, maps and references. This overview describes the major components of the system and the types of information they can provide. View the BIOTICS metadata document.

Element Tracking

This database contains taxonomic information, global and state ranks (based on degree of endangerment), and special protection designations for over 4,000 plant and animal species and plant communities found in Montana.

Species Occurrence

This database is used to manage location information on species, plant communities, and other biological features of special concern. It includes site-specific data on population size, associated species, observation dates, geographic locators (such as township-range, latitude-longitude, county, watershed), and land management status. The best source for additional information is also cited. Records are based on published and unpublished reports, field surveys and collection records.

Characterization Abstracts

Detailed information summarizing the taxonomy, status, distribution, habitat, ecology, phenology, and reproduction of all Montana vertebrates and selected invertebrates and plants is stored in these databases. Each record also includes a bibliography of additional information sources.

Source Abstracts

This database is a bibliography of information sources (current total over 14,000 records) which includes published and unpublished reports, field surveys, journal articles, organizations, and knowledgeable individuals. The information sources contained in this database are, in general, focused on Sensitive, Threatened or Endangered species and plant communities.

Managed Areas

This database summarizes information on areas in Montana that are under some type of special management or ownership. Acreage, boundaries, legal descriptions, and special features are noted for areas such as: outstanding natural areas, national forests, parks, refuges, wildlife management areas, and private preserves.


This database, which is currently under development, describes and characterizes sites in Montana that are of particular biological significance. Information available includes comments on the biodiversity significance, key environmental factors, current and past land use, additional information needs and sources, and species present at the site. This database is also being used to manage state-wide interagency information on nominated, proposed and designated natural areas in Montana.