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Montana Land Management Maps

Updated August 2011

These maps are produced by the Montana Natural Heritage Program from its Land Management database. The 102 maps are based on the US Geological Survey 1:100,000 scale topographic map series and use those boundaries as the indexing tiles.

The maps depict four main categories of land management:

  • Public Lands
  • Conservation Easements
  • Special designated lands such as wildlife refuges, Research Natural Areas, wilderness, etc.
  • Lands owned by land trusts or other private conservation oriented entities.

The maps are intended to display an overall view of land management.
The maps are not intended as a legal representation of
public or private land boundaries.

All maps are provided in Adobe PDF format. The maps are designed to be printed at a size of 36 by 30 inches on a large format printer.

Click on a map name in the list to the left to open a PDF file of the map.

Or, click on the map below to open a larger map to select from.