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Information Requests

Quick Data Access

Quick Data: View a matrix with direct links to data and documentation.

View Examples of Data and Information Requests

Our examples page will give you an idea of the type and range of information we can provide.

Request Information for Project Reviews

If you're unable to find the information you need in our web pages; you wish us to generate a Species of Concern report for your project; or you want some other information, you may submit a request for information using the Request Tracker or you may email us at

Data Use

Please see our Data Use Explanation for the general terms and conditions that exist for the use of data and information from the Montana Natural Heritage Program. In addition, you can view our standard Data Use Acknowledgement required for the transfer of electronic data from NHP.

Natural Heritage Program and Fish, Wildlife and Parks Data Coordination

Read the NHP and FWP data coordination agreement summary.

Request Confidentiality

All users are protected by the Montana Library Records Confidentiality Act, which protects the privacy of requesters.

Data Services Survey

The Montana Natural Heritage Program is conducting a short survey of individuals who have recently received Species of Concern project reviews or data transfers from the Program. The survey is intended to gather basic information on the value and quality of the information and services you recently received. It is short and should not take more than a few minutes to complete.