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Plant Species of Concern

The Montana Natural Heritage Program (MTNHP) serves as the state’s information source on Species of Concern — plants and animals that are at risk or potentially at risk in Montana. The Plant Species of Concern Report, replaces previous publications. The on-line report, identifies plant Species of Concern and Potential Concern in the state, based on information gathered from field inventories, publications and reports, herbarium specimens, and the knowledge of Montana botanists. Also included are changes in status as represented by additions and deletions tot he report.

The Montana Natural Heritage Program continuously reviews and updates status ranks as new information and insights are generated by field surveys, research, and observations. Use the Species of Concern Report to get the most recent status for plants and animals.

Proposed rank or rank changes, and information supporting them, are informally reviewed by botanists and resource specialists throughout the state, who provide their perspectives and any additional information to guide the biological assessment process. The information that we receive from botanists and others throughout the state is essential in this process, and contributes to more accurate assessments of species’ status. We continue to ask that all observations of these species be reported to the Heritage Program, with as much detail as possible. Field survey forms and help documents specifying the information that should be submitted are available on our website at our Submit Data section.

Some changes will likely be made to state and global ranks as new information comes in, and changes made between publications may be reflected in data queries to the MTNHP website: Our on-line Montana Field Guide provides information on species’ characteristics, identification, habitat, distribution, and references, as well as technical illustrations and photographs of the plants and their habitats. We are currently in the process of adding expanded habitat information, and sections on ecology and management, as well as a brief justification for the state rank.For plants, the Montana Field Guide primarily covers Species of Concern, however some Potential Concern species are also included. A link to the NatureServe website ( provides access to information on the status of species throughout North America, assembled from state and provincial Natural Heritage databases . More detailed information or additional assistance can be requested from MTNHP using the Request Information function on our website, by phone (406-444-5354), e-mail ( or US mail.

Comments and suggestions on list contents are invited, particularly with supporting information.