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Individuals interested in seasonal employment should contact the Senior Zoologist, Program Botanist, or Ecology Program Manager (see contacts page).

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Spatial Analysis Lab

The Spatial Analysis Lab is looking for a postdoc with experience in remote sensing, large dataset handling, and ecology. The position involves working with airborne imaging spectroscopy and lidar acquisitions and has a solid 12 to 15 months of funding, with opportunity for extension or transition into a staff position.


The Spatial Analysis Lab of the Montana Natural Heritage Program and the University of Montana invite applications for a postdoctoral researcher to assist in developing methods for measuring biodiversity indicators using National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) field and Airborne Observatory Platform datasets collected at eight sites along a latitudinal gradient in US temperate, broadleaf and mixed forests. The mapping products will be integrated with broader scale environmental variables for predictive hotspot modeling and testing controls on macroscale patterns. The successful postdoctoral candidate must be committed to developing leadership, outreach and collaborative project management skills.

This assignment is an opportunity to develop and share expertise in processing large ecological and remote sensing datasets, and applying quantitative models to analyze spatial data. Digital image processing and data integration duties include 1) optimizing spectral and structural variation metrics for predicting baseline biodiversity attributes, 2) addressing challenges associated with cross-track illumination, steep terrain, and scaling sensitivies, and 3) building a Geographical Information System that combines NEON site-level biodiversity products with additional ground-based occurrence datasets and satellite observations. The selected candidate will be responsible for developing and adhering to a detailed data management plan in coordination with the Principal Investigator. As part of this plan the postdoctoral researcher will create a dedicated website for housing data products for public access.

Work will primarily be performed at the Spatial Analysis Lab, on the University of Montana campus in Missoula, MT.

Priority Application Date: February 24, 2019

For more details and to apply use the following link

For more information on employment at the University of Montana, visit:
The University of Montana is an EEO/AA employer.