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Foothills and Valleys Ecoregion Key

1 1st order, origin from Valley Foor groundwater output   Spring Creek
1 1st-2nd order or <30 miles long Headwaters Foothills River
1 3rd-4th order or >30 and <60 miles long Go To 2 Below
1 4th-5th order, >60 miles long and a direct tributary to the Yellowstone or Missouri River Intermountain Transitional River
2 Cool-cold water tributaries that originate in the foothills and flow out to prairie rivers that are too warm to support coldwater fisheries Small Transitional Foothills River
2 Coldwater tributaries that flow to foothills and valley intermountain transitional rivers that maintain coldwater fisheries   Small Foothills River

Ecoregions are based on Omernik’s Level III Ecoregion delineations (see Woods, A.J. et al. 2002. Ecoregions of Montana. 2nd edition poster).The Northwestern Great Plains are the Northwestern Great Plains Level III Ecoregion (#43).