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Scientific Name:
Spartina pectinata western Herbaceous Vegetation

Common Name:
Prairie Cordgrass Western Herbaceous Vegetation

Community Description

This is a small patch, tallgrass meadow comprised entirely of Spartina pectinata. Stands occur in small swales on the plains, as well as on floodplains of larger rivers. Stands of this grass have been included in other tallgrass prairie plant associations. On large river floodplains, this type occurs as distinct patches and is distinguished from adjacent riparian types by micro-topography and degree of soil saturation. Weaver (1965) reports that historically large stands of Spartina pectinata occurred on mud flats of the Missouri River. Large stands have been observed south of Denver, now threatened by housing and golf course developments (Steve Kettler pers. comm.).

Global Rank: G3? State Rank: S3?

Community References



Evans 1989a, Hansen and Hoffman 1988, Hansen et al. 1989, Hansen et al. 1991, Hansen et al. 1995, Kittel et al. 1996, Weaver 1965

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Montana Natural Heritage Program
Montana State Library--Natural Resource Information System
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